Good insulation is a vital part of any home. It can help you regulate your home’s temperature, but it also offers a plethora of additional benefits that make your New Zealand space more comfortable and peaceful – especially if you smartly choose spray foam insulation for your property.

Choosing your insulation is a big decision because your insulation will strongly affect your building. So, you’ll want to be well-informed about what type you should choose and how it’ll be installed.

With the right team of installers, you can enjoy all of the advantages of high-quality insulation for many years.

Why Choose Spray Foam?

Before we get into what you need to think about when choosing your spray foam, we should first discuss why you should choose spray foam.

What exactly can quality spray foam offer you?

  • Energy Efficiency. One of the most important things you’ll want is – naturally! – great energy-efficient properties. Spray foam insulation is an excellent insulator, which means it can help you save money on your monthly energy bills. You can enjoy heaps of savings once your spray foam is properly installed!
  • Soundproofing. Did you know that spray foam can act as a noise barrier? It can reduce noise levels in your home, making your rooms more peaceful.This is a fantastic perk for people who enjoy quieter environments.
  • Fire Resistance. You may picture foam as being lightweight and very flammable, but there are spray foam options that are fire resistant, which can help to protect your home in case of fire. For example, our NZAS polyurethane foams comply with fire safety standards. Fires start quietly and spread incredibly quickly, so any measure to protect your structure is a smart one.

What To Consider When Picking Your Spray Foam

As you can see, spray foam insulation is a great choice for any New Zealand building, and it’s no surprise that it’s a very popular insulation type in Aotearoa.

But, even if you decide you want spray foam in your home, your decisions don’t stop here; you’ll also need to think about what type of foam you want and the installation process.

Be sure you think about the following when considering spray foam:

Closed-Cell Or Open-Cell? There are two main categories of foam; closed-cell foam and open-cell foam. ‘Cells’ refers to the bubble-like spaces that are present in the foam. The differences between the two are:

  • Closed-Cell Foam. The cells are completely closed off in closed-cell foams, hence the name. This is the more common of the two types of foam. Closed-cell foam insulation is known for having a higher ‘R-value,’ which refers to the insulation’s ability to insulate. The closed-cell structure of this foam also makes it a great moisture barrier, as it’s better at preventing water and fluids from seeping into the insulation. This kind of foam is denser and can make your building more durable and robust.
  • Open-Cell Foam. Unlike closed-cell foam, the cells in open-cell foam are open and not fully closed off from one another. Although this kind has a smaller R-value than its closed-cell counterpart, it still has advantages. For one, open-cell foam expands quite a bit once it’s applied. This makes it perfect for completely filling hard-to-reach spaces. Open-cell foam is also great at reducing noise and acting as a sound barrier.

Who Will Install The Foam? Your spray foam insulation won’t be very effective if it’s not installed correctly, regardless of the type of foam you choose. It’s vital that you choose a reputable installer who has experience with spray foam and who knows how to get the job done safely and correctly.

Consider asking for examples of their work and asking about the experience they have. It would be best if you choose an installer who has plenty of experience with spray foam to ensure they don’t make amateur mistakes in your building.

Ask About The Installation Process. Installing spray foam isn’t exactly a small job. Your installers will need access to your walls, your floors and any other place that needs spray foam insulation installed.

So, be sure you ask your installers about:

  • How Long Will The Installation Process Take? This will depend on the size of your property, how many areas need to be insulated and the efficiency of your installers.
  • What Should I Do To Prepare? Is there anything you should do to prepare your space for the installation?

Where You Can Go For Incredibly Effective Spray Foam In New Zealand

Having spray foam insulation installed can improve your property and your life in so many ways, so you need to have it installed by professionals – like the ones on our team at NZ Application Service! We have heaps of experience helping people just like you with our foam and coating services.

If you’re interested in spray foam for your New Zealand property, we strongly encourage you to check out our website for more information about spray foam.  You can also find details about our coatings and our experience in the film industry.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us on 0273049784 to speak to us.

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