Film and TV Spray Application

NZ Application Service have many years experience across many films and Tv shows in molding urethane foam or hard coats for use in film set construction.

Rigid Foams

Rigid foams are excellent for molding architectural features, rocks, timber beams and much more. We have a range of densities available, from lightweight 35kg/m3 foams through to high density 300kg/m3 foams.

Soft and Flexible Foams

Our flexible foams are perfect for use in stunt work and can be sprayed to any desired thickness to absorb impact while retaining the desired look. These foams are also popularly used to fabricate tree bark textures as they can be stretched and fitted easily.


We have a range of hard coats available to suit various applications in the film industry. These range from very hard wearing coatings like polyurea ideal for use as flooring or prop construction through to softer and more flexible hybrid urethane coatings.


In-House Spraying

We have a designated spray area set up in our Kumeu, Auckland workshop for spraying our products for film set creation, complete with extraction for fumes and particles

On-Site Spraying

We also have mobile spray application rigs for anything needing to be sprayed on site at your film studio, with capabilities to spray either our hard coats, or any of our foam options.


If you have a film set idea that you’re not sure how to bring to life we would love to draw on our expertise to find a foam or hard coat solution to your problem.

Rock Sheets

Rigid Foams, Hard Coats or Soft Foams

We can supply sheets of foam rock for your set construction needs, Please contact us for more information

Timber and Bark

Rigid Foams, Hard Coats or Flexible Bark

We can supply rigid timber made out of foam or hardcoat or thin sheets of flexible bark for you to build custom trees with.



Architectural and Form Work

High Density Foam, Low Density Foam or Soft Foams

We can supply in a variety of densities to meet your requirements for set construction or for soft stunt foam replicas of existing sets.