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We have extensive experience working for the Film industry in set and prop construction. Our high performance coatings and spray foams are excellent for use in prop and set construction for use in the Film and Television Industry. We are able to manufacture parts at our premises in Auckland or travel to your studio with our Mobile Spray unit. Please contact us and we’ll find the optimum coating or foam solution for your film project.

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    At NZAS we have recently been involved in many projects with Film Industry Prop Construction. We use hardcoat polyureas as a protective layer to give structural integrity to polystyrene props. Another popular use for Polyurea is to spray directly onto molds to make detailed, flexible parts.

    We have also used our Polyurethane Foam products in many film and television projects, either injected or sprayed into moulds to make film props. Polyurethane foam can also be used to replicate The end result is a light weight product with a high level of detail. We have a full range of Polyurethane foams including soft/flexible foams through to rigid high density foam. Using Spray polymers is an excellent solution for manufacturing parts for the film industry. This is because of the fast cure times of these products, and their high strength to weight ratio. Our flexible spray foams are also excellent for use as stunt foam to prevent injuries while having high detail and durability.

    Take a look through our image gallery to see some of our most recent projects in the film industry.

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