Spray coating applied to roofing area


We are expert applicators in plural component spray coating systems and have a wide range of protective spray coatings available. Please contact us  and we will find the best coating to meet your requirements


Polyurea is our premium spray coating solution, it is a rapid set and cure protective spray coating which is ideal for waterproofing, flooring or any other membrane coating application. It is resilient, weather tolerant, strong and approved for potable water. Another common use is as a spray liner, polyurea is very versatile as it can be sprayed onto a variety of substrates, typically over concrete or steel to create a containment area. Most importantly, Polyurea is a very effective coating when chemical resistance is needed, such as oil resistance, solvent or acids. Contact us for more information. We have access to both pure polyurea and a variety of hybrid polyurea coatings for specialised applications.

Polyurea is also an excellent product for creating bunded spill containment areas. Its hard wearing surface and chemical resistance are very desirable properties for containing spills of all kinds of liquids. With very little effort an area can be transformed into a containment bund utilising our spray liners.

Our polyurea products are widely utilised in the film and television industry for use in prop and set construction as it a very versatile and durable coating.

Polibrid and Reactamine 760

We also offer both Polibrid and Reactamine 760 coatings. These both have a proven track record in the waste water industry and have been used extensively overseas for over 40 years. They are suitable for potable water, waste water and are also resistant to caustics and mild acids.

Urethane Membrane Systems

We have a wide range of urethane coating systems available using single pack or two-pack urethanes to suit your needs. We can offer urethane systems from high-elasticity for flexible applications through to harder urethanes which are suitable as trafficable membranes.
Please contact us with your coating issues and we can recommend the appropriate system for your application.

Polyurea Spray Coating – Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea spray coating offers excellent protective qualities - ensuring your properties stay protected, warm, and dry. Polyurethane Foam vs. Polyurea Polyurethane and…

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Film Industry


We have extensive experience working for the Film industry in set and prop construction. Our high performance coatings and spray foams are…

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Our coatings are ideal for creating an impermeable membrane to create tanks of all shapes and sizes.

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Roofing Membranes

There is a wide range of urethane coating systems available using single pack or two-pack urethanes of varying elasticities and hardnesses.

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Flooring Membranes

The products we offer range from polyureas through to Urethanes and epoxy systems. We have a selection of spray applied membranes or…

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NZ Application Service offers several products suitable for lining wastewater treatment facilities including pump station wet wells, digesters, Microbiological Reactors (MBRs), Manholes…

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Containment Bund New Zealand

Our NZAS team can apply high-performance spray liners to create any chemical-resistant spill containment bund in New Zealand. Ask us today about…

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