Under Floor Insulation

Spray foam is excellent for use as an underfloor insulator, and has several key advantages over other conventional insulation solutions. Our applicators are trained and qualified to work in confined spaces so we are able to install insulation in some of the more difficult to access spaces.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Spray Foam insulation is among the best solutions for underfloor insulation because of its high R value and its natural vapour barrier.

    Spray Foam Under Floor Insulation


    • Doesn’t Sag
    • Higher R-Value per millimetre
    • Seals Cracks and Gaps
    • Prevents Draughts
    • Acts as a Vapour/Moisture Barrier

    Requirements for Underfloor Insulation
    Underfloor insulation in residential properties is required to have a minimum R-Value of 1.3 by current building standards. Due to the superior insulation properties of spray foam we are able to achieve this level with only 28mm of foam.

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