Roofing Membranes

NZ Application Service offers a variety of coatings suitable for roofing membranes, including Polyureas and urethanes as well as many hybrid products. We also offer the capability of encapsulating asbestos roofs in a membrane to contain asbestos.


Foam Composite Roofing

We have also successfully constructed Polyurethane foam roofs complete with a hard shell membrane on top. The foam is sprayed onto the roof and then sculpted to specification to achieve a fall to the drains. A Polyurea membrane is then applied over the foam to achieve watertightness and mechanical protection. This system is commonly used overseas and is now being introduced to NZ. The system is an ideal way of achieving insulation and watertightness without interfering with the internal structure of the roof. It also eliminates condensation issues on the underside metal structure of the roof.