We have many different protective coatings available for a diverse range of applications. Here are some of our most popular coatings.




Polyurea is a rapid set and cure spray coating which is ideal for waterproofing a vast range of areas. It is resilient, weather tolerant, strong and approved for potable water. We have access to both pure polyurea and a variety of hybrid polyurea coatings specially designed for their application.

Polibrid and Reactamine 760

Polibrid and Reactamine 760 have a proven track record in the waste water industry and have been used extensively overseas for over 40 years. They are suitable for potable water, waste water and are also resistant to caustics and mild acids.

Urethane Membrane Systems

There is a wide range of urethane coating systems available using single pack or two-pack urethanes of varying elasticities and hardnesses. We can offer urethane systems from high-elasticity for flexible applications through to harder urethanes which are suitable as trafficable membranes.
Please contact us with your coating issues and we can recommend the appropriate system for your application.